Accelerate IT Rationalization through Software Intelligence

Partner Enablement Series



When deciding on which applications to merge/retire, the process becomes a turf battle – influence, guts and opinion become the driving factors in these decisions. By the time application health is taken into account, it’s often too late to change course.

An objective, unbiased view of the application portfolio is needed and it is missing!

In this 30 minute webinar, learn how you can leverage CAST Software Intelligence to reduce cost and minimize complexity in IT Rationalization programs with your clients.

During this session we will:

  • Introduce the benefits of using Application Portfolio Analysis into an IT Rationalization context
  • Demonstrate live & actionable insights to support a 4 step approach:
    • Baseline your client's applications Portfolio inventory
    • Segment & Prioritize the applications
    • Build Recommendations & Set Objectives
    • Monitor changes & Track progress over time
  • Discuss a relevant case study and client experience
  • Do a quick overview of various sales enablement resources available on this topic


Thursday, Mar 7th at 1 PM ET
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Jean-Patrick Ascenci

Jean-Patrick Ascenci - Senior Solutions Specialist, CAST Highlight

For more than a decade, JP has assisted more than 100 organizations with Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Application Portfolio Management (APM) across the globe and industries. JP provides strategic and adaptable approaches to consistently deliver value and achieve organizational objectives. For the last five years, JP has been focusing on the development of integrated solutions in EA, APM and PPM (Project Portfolio Management) to create rapid, tangible and durable business value.


Kim Kortum

Kim Kortum - Sr. Director, Business Development, Advisory & Consulting Firms | CAST

In her current role at CAST, Kim creates and cultivates strategic relationships with management consultancies and advisories, enabling them with the most modern software intelligence technology. Prior to CAST, Kim ran the business relationship between D&B and IBM, focused on data analytics and IT optimization. She also worked for Gartner for over 15 years, starting as a measurement analyst and moving on Gartner Consulting along with other roles.