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Accelerating Cloud Migration Projects with Txture & CAST Highlight

There are many unresolved questions when you set sails to start your journey to cloud.

Moving large scale application landscapes to the cloud is one of the most challenging tasks an organization faces today. It is mostly the lack of IT transparency, missing or distributed cloud skills, and the absence of cloud services knowledge that leads to failing transformations.

In order to fully facilitate cloud and benefit from optimized cost, better agility, and reliability, you need to decide upfront about application migration candidates, individual migration strategies for them as well as the right cloud provider and services to select for your future IT portfolio.

Such decisions become well-informed when building on Txture’s holistic ability to support all phases in the journey: establishing the application portfolio, performing automated cloud readiness assessments, proposing target cloud architectures, planning, and tracing the migration until you reach your future mode of multi-cloud operations. This journey is greatly enhanced by sophisticated source code analysis for all of your in-house application solutions with CAST Highlight.

In this webinar, we discuss the key tasks and challenges during cloud transformations and share with you knowledge from our past engagements. We show you how you can establish overall IT transparency, identify migration candidates, and roadblocks by combining Txture and CAST Highlight.

Gain added business value and establish confidence in your migration decisions by performing in-depth application analyses.

Key takeaways
  • Learn about the key tasks & challenges in a cloud migration project.
  • Learn how to continuously analyze the cloud readiness of your entire application portfolio.
  • Learn how to save great amounts of time with automated, cost-optimized cloud target architectures.
  • Learn how you can identify application migration candidates, roadblocks and cloud boosters.
  • See the well-matched solutions of Txture and CAST Highlight in action.

Dr. Thomas Trojer

Dr. Thomas Trojer
Head of Product & Co-Founder


Christof Lorenz

Christof Lorenz
General Manager for DACH

CAST Software