Accelerating Software Engineering with CAST Imaging

A new approach for faster development and maintenance of complex applications



Business application owners struggle to help their software teams move faster. Despite heavy investment in skills, tools, DevOps, Agile even the simplest of changes could take weeks to make.

The problem is complexity. Developers spend as much as 58%* of their time trying to comprehend the software. They rely on busy SMEs, long calls, conflicting documents to figure out the relevant components and their dependencies. It’s even worse in a Zoom-based world.

CAST Imaging automatically generates a complete view of what’s inside an application – a ‘google map’ of the actual architecture, down to the line of code, easy to navigate and always up to date.

Learn how your software teams can use CAST Imaging to:

  • Automatically discover and see the application architecture
  • Quickly navigate all components and their dependencies
  • Respond faster to business needs - from small changes to modernization
  • Increase cross-team collaboration and efficiency
  • Speed up knowledge transfer to newcomers
  • Keep a living knowledgebase of the application’s inner workings

* IEEE study - Measuring program comprehension



Olivier BonsignourCAST Software

Olivier Bonsignour
EVP Product Development, CAST

Olivier owns Research & Development for all CAST software products. He leads a distributed team of 250 software engineers building and maintaining the world’s most advanced software for reverse-engineering and analyzing complex software systems.


Rado NikolovCAST Software

Rado Nikolov
EVP Software Intelligence, CAST

Rado leads Product Management for the CAST software intelligence platform, which enables faster modernization for cloud, raising Software Engineering speed and efficiency, effective open source risk control, and accurate technical due diligence.


Sammy DagherCAST Software

Sammy Dagher
Solution Architect, CAST

Sammy is an expert in application modernization, architectural design, and software intelligence. He helps large IT teams and system integrators take advantage of CAST Imaging and speed up software development, maintenance, and modernization.



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