Achieving Faster Cloud Modernization



Increasingly, customers are considering transforming their mainframes / Windows applications through a variety of cloud-based strategies, such as: offloading mainframes while staying in the Cobol ecosystem, converting their Cobol into distributed systems. Or by gradually strangling the mainframe to determine the optimal transformation path (or paths) for a complex mainframe application, and ensure a successful and rapid transformation, customers need to discover its inner structure.

During this presentation, you will see a demonstration of how CAST’s technology helps organizations achieve:

  • Faster application discovery through automated reverse-engineering of the inner structure of the application (weeks vs months)
  • Less U-turns in mainframe transformation projects, thanks to accurate discovery of inner structure of application, including dependencies within apps or between apps that could be broken by “blind” transformation
  • Higher responsiveness to business requests, during transformation
  • Better team efficiency while executing the transformation thanks to a shared, accurate, detailed application knowledge base. Preservation of knowledge i.e., less reliance on few SMEs



Philippe GuerinCAST Software

Philippe Guerin
Sr. Software Architect

Philippe Guerin is a software analytics and risk prevention specialist and domain expert in legacy application modernization at CAST Software. He is a well-rounded technologist and team leader with over 15 years of leadership experience in architectural design and governance, product development and management, program management, solution architecture, sales, and services.



Thursday, October 13
11:00 CDT
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