Assessing Your Agency’s Portfolio for the Journey to Native Public Cloud



Join us on Thursday, September 15th at 11am CT for Assessing Your Agency’s Portfolio for the Journey to Native Public Cloud, presented by CAST as part of DIR's Technology Today Series. This event is free of charge and DIR will award 1 hour of IRM CPE credit for attending.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) & Container as a Service (CaaS) cloud service offerings from Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s) like AWS, AZURE and Google offer an array of native services to enhance citizen user experience, offer new capabilities to serve your constituency, and offer potential economies that help keep taxpayer funded costs under control. Research indicates that less than 40% of cloud migrations succeed when only using subjective, survey-based application assessments and that simply lifting-and-shifting projects to cloud fails to deliver new mission value, better experience, or economies. Why? The answer may be in your applications. The CSP’s agree that a more disciplined approach to understanding your agency’s purpose-built legacy applications is an important planning step. As these systems have been continuously adapted to years of legislative and citizen requirements, they may not be easily migrated to native CaaS, PaaS or SaaS cloud environments. Software Intelligence can help agencies plan and execute their enterprise cloud modernizations with less risk and improved outcomes.

Learn about:

  • What are the types of applications that benefit the most from a native migration to cloud environments?
  • What are each of the “5R’s” and what application specific attributes can be identified via software inspection to support Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild and Replace decisions across the agency portfolio?
  • Why is containerization important to be able to leverage native cloud? Are there specific patterns in your agency’s source code that can impact containerization?
  • What are the most common ‘blockers’ in applications that make containerization challenging
  • What are some application specific factors to consider when determining which cloud is best for specific agency systems?
  • What patterns in your agency’s code can impede the move to native cloud? Accelerate?
  • What role application quality plays in modernization to cloud?
  • What are the IP (legal) and vulnerability risks of moving agency code that contains open source software (OSS) as you move to public cloud? How can OSS be an issue in your portfolio modernization program?
  • With supporting case studies:
    Wells Fargo
  • Includes some technology demonstration to better illustrate and communicate key training points.



Marc JonesCAST Software

Marc Jones
SVP North America Public Sector

Marc has 25+ years of experience in enterprise IT with a focus on application development and modernization. He is a frequent speaker on the topics of legacy modernization, cloud native modernization as well as establishing (in policy and practice) software security and resiliency standards.


Kevin FuretCAST Software

Kevin Furet
Principal Solutions Architect

Kevin is a Principal Solutions Architect at CAST, helping partners and clients to leverage software intelligence to build value based offerings for software modernization, application diagnostics and risk management programs.



Thursday, September 15
11:00 CDT
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