Cloud Smart: How to Ensure an Efficient and Secure Journey



Modernizing critical applications is a high-stakes, high-anxiety affair for government IT leaders, especially when looking at refactoring and shifting them to cloud. Traditionally, lack of accurate knowledge and insight of what’s inside the applications further exacerbates the challenge during the migration process.

Booz Allen Hamilton, a global leader in IT and business consulting, is taking a smarter and more automated approach. Booz Allen is using software intelligence from CAST to help clients understand how best to take advantage of cloud and transform their critical applications easier and faster.

In this session, Booz Allen and CAST experts share the approach and real-world examples.

Learn about:

  • Key challenges to be aware of when moving to cloud native and containers
  • Benefits of refactoring apps for PaaS vs rehosting to IaaS.
  • How to use software intelligence to de-risk and accelerate the transformation



Jimmy PhamBooz Allen Hamilton

Jimmy Pham
VP Cloud Platforms, Booz Allen Hamilton

Jimmy leads the design, development, and operations of transformative, enterprise-scale software and architectures. His team works closely with commercial companies and federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Transportation.


Greg RiveraCAST Software

Greg Rivera
VP Software Intelligence, CAST

As Vice President of Software Intelligence at CAST, Greg leads product strategy for the CAST SaaS platform helping customers and partners accelerate app modernization and cloud migration.



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