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Don’t Lift & Shift: the benefits of a cloud native strategy

For the last several years, enterprises have been migrating their workloads to the cloud in various ways. Although there has been significant growth in new application development born natively in the cloud, most existing application migrations have come in the form of a “Lift & Shift” to IaaS. This approach does not unlock the value of the cloud or take advantage of PaaS services such as AI, ML, DBaaS, etc. Modernizing applications to realize the full benefits of cloud native PaaS services is not easy and that is why many organizations have taken the easier path to IaaS. However, organizations that are being more strategic about cloud migration and application modernization are realizing significantly more benefits from cloud migration such as lower costs, more scalable architectures, and application innovations that enable them to be nimbler and more agile when servicing their customers.

Avanade and CAST have partnered to help customers realize the true benefits of cloud native application modernization. Learn about the following:

  • Why are enterprises simply defaulting to a Lift & Shift to IaaS and not migrating to the more advantageous PaaS cloud?
  • What are the benefits of migrating to PaaS?
  • How can an enterprise plan a more strategic cloud migration by developing a prioritized roadmap for an entire portfolio of applications?
  • How can migration be accelerated by identifying exactly how to remove roadblocks to migration?
  • What is the best way to get started and avoid common pitfalls that prevent rapid success?

Ciaran O'Donnell

Ciaran O'Donnell
N.A. Application Architecture Lead, Applications & Infrastructure CoE

Ciaran is the North American Lead for Avanade’s Application Architecture Center of Excellence. Specializing in digital transformation and technology strategy, Ciaran has architected some of Avanade's leading event-driven and microservices projects. An expert in digital decoupling and application modernization across a variety of industries, Ciaran’s experience cuts across Avanade’s technical, digital and advisory offerings.

Greg Rivera
CAST Software

Greg Rivera
VP, CAST Highlight

As Vice President of CAST Highlight, Greg leads product strategy for the CAST SaaS platform helping customers and partners accelerate app modernization and cloud migration. He has worked with Fortune 1000 companies such as Microsoft, IDG Communications, and Arrow Electronics for over 20 years in technology and media, helping them make successful digital transformations. Greg has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Management of Technology and is passionate about applying technology to improve business and our everyday lives.