Grounding AI with Software Intelligence

How to make AI understand very large custom systems and automate their modernization

Today, the use of AI in application development and maintenance (ADM) is focused on generating new code. However, typically well over 75% of ADM resources are devoted to maintaining, enhancing, and modernizing existing applications, either in place or for cloud. This process requires a deep and holistic understanding of the unique makeup of each specific application — a challenge that goes beyond large language models’ (LLMs) current scope, which is restricted to publicly available information.

CAST software intelligence technology fills the gap by automatically reverse engineering and extracting vast amounts of detailed metadata about the internal structures of these complex, custom software systems.

Learn how grounding AI engines with software intelligence enables them to understand software code with high level of precision to assist humans to change, fix, modernize, or adapt complex software to a target cloud environment.

About the author

Vincent Delaroche
CAST Software

A passionate entrepreneur and an industry thought leader, Vincent, with a team of spirited CAST-mates, is pioneering a whole new market category - software intelligence. Vincent has built CAST from a French-garage startup to a global player operating in 9 geographies on 3 continents, investing along the way $250M+ in R&D, to deliver the most advanced imaging system for software.

Today, surrounded by passionate believers, including some of the most distinguished world leaders in technology, supported by strong, loyal and disruptive talent and a serious ecosystem of go-to-market partners, including BCG, E&Y, Accenture, IBM, Microsoft, Google Cloud, AWS, Vincent aims to have CAST become the undisputed software intelligence category king within the decade. You can contact him directly at