Top 5 Application Portfolio Health Mistakes

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Top 5 Application Portfolio Health Mistakes

Application maintenance giving you a headache? Struggling to keep up with it? Worried that you aren’t doing enough?

Application maintenance is difficult and requires constant vigilance, but even if you are careful, there are still mistakes that you could be making. Our eBook, Top 5 Application Portfolio Health Mistakes, can help you to avoid any of the common mistakes people make when monitoring their application health.

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Application portfolio health is the key for IT software management – no matter the size of your business of company. In order to stay on top of your performance, you need to measure the metrics and performance of your software, but that isn’t enough. In fact, many people make mistakes in reading the metrics or putting them to use.

Mistakes can happen at any phase of the process, but there are a few mistakes that can (and will) derail you completely.

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Inside this e-book, you will find out some of the most common Application Portfolio Health Mistakes, including:
  • Having too many applications;
  • Thinking maintenance is “Once and Done”;
  • You aren’t investing in security; and
  • Rushing the process

You’ll be surprised how many of these mistakes you may be on the verge of making.