Microsoft presents

Faster Modernization and Cloud Migration with Software Intelligence

Cost restructuring acceleration is becoming an imperative in 2020. Yet, modernizing and migrating custom applications to the Cloud can be slow and complex, with too many unknowns about the state of the applications at stake.

Learn how you can:

  • Rapidly assess the Cloud readiness of your application portfolio based on facts
  • Generate accurate software architecture blueprints of the applications being modernized
  • Enable modernization tasks that took weeks to be done in minutes, such as discovering best candidates for decoupling, or for microservices

This 45min session is part of Software Intelligence Month learning series for digital leaders.

Jeremy Woo-Sam

Jeremy Woo-Sam
Senior Solution Architect

Jeremy Woo-Sam is a senior Solution Architect leading a team of Microsoft blackbelts helping organizations migrate complex custom build applications to Microsoft Azure and taking advantage of its cloud native services.

Philippe Guerin
CAST Software

Philippe Guerin
Head of Solution Design

Philippe Guerin is an expert in application modernization, architectural design, and software intelligence at CAST. As a member of Strategic Partnerships Team, he helps Advisories, Cloud vendors and integrators assess large IT organization's application landscapes and accelerate transformation efforts.