US Government & GSA presents

Greater Objectivity in Government IT through Software Intelligence

Clear visibility into the condition of government software systems is critical for their effectiveness and continued funding.

In this recording you will learn how:

  • Tony Scott, former Federal CIO for the U.S. Government, raised the transparency and effectiveness of Federal IT modernization programs
  • Josh Mordin, responsible for delivering software for the General Services Administration, applies software intelligence to adhere to federal IT polices and manage complex software supply chains based on facts

This 45min session is part of Software Intelligence Month learning series for digital leaders.

Tony Scott
Federal government of the United States

Tony Scott
Former Federal CIO

Tony served in the Obama administration as the Federal CIO of the US Government. He came into that role after a track record of transforming several large business IT organizations, as the CIO of Microsoft, General Motors, Walt Disney, VMWare. Tony is a firm believer and practitioner of transparency and brings a unique perspective having been responsible for custom-made application portfolios in both government and business IT.

Joshua Mordin

Joshua Mordin
Founder & CEO

Josh is responsible for the operational effectiveness and structural integrity of GSA software assets. He and his team have been implementing federal policies and applying software intelligence in managing complex software supply chains, enhancing developers skills, rapidly modernizing legacy code, reducing emergency fixes, and increasing application performance.