Fortium Partners presents

How to budget for IT Modernization

It's budgeting time for 2020!

Digital transformation keeps the pressure on IT to deliver new capabilities faster while maintaining high availability. Striking the right balance starts with the planning process. How to balance between modernizing and maintaining? How to make the case to rebuild or rearchitect or replace?

How to better plan and budget for modernization?

In this 30 min webinar, experts from Fortium and CAST will try answer some of the most relevant questions around this topic. You will walk away with guidance around :

  • How to make a business case, ROI and present budget for IT Modernization programs?
  • What budgeting considerations or new line items are introduced if planning an IT modernization program?
  • How to budget for cloud migration? What considerations should you have with regard to resource reskilling and headcount planning?

Chris Darrell
Fortium Partners

Chris Darrell

With a 30+ year record of improving business results by increasing the effectiveness of Information Technology and Operations, Chris has demonstrated leadership driving transformative, strategic initiatives as the Information Services Executive of rapid growth companies in a variety of industries. In the course of his career, Chris has successfully integrated a number of acquisitions, launched new business operations, and introduced advanced technologies ahead of the curve. He has defined strategy and led business-transforming initiatives spanning technology infrastructure, information management & governance, and Operations/IT alignment.

Lev Lesokhin
CAST Software

Lev Lesokhin
EVP, Technology & Analytics

Lev Lesokhin is responsible for CAST's technical direction, software analytics, thought leadership and product strategy. He serves on the boards of industry standards consortia and is deeply involved in security, architecture, and development governance topics with CAST’s largest customers. Prior to CAST, he was a Senior Director at SAP and involved in the rollout of the company’s first SaaS product. Lev was one of the leaders of the Applications Executive Council at CEB, where he worked with heads of applications at Fortune 1000 companies to identify best management practices.