How to Plan Modernization while Mitigating Risk



in partnership with

Princeton Consultants

Mitigating risk during the modernization process requires a careful plan that ensures smooth transitions as well as maintaining system operability.

Using CAST, our Partner, Princeton Consultants helped a Fortune 500 company accelerate its Digital Transformation journey. With the integration of CAST’s AIP solution, executives can:

  • greatly reduce time for design and approach and planning
  • align understanding between different technology teams
  • create independent projects for a phased migration
  • preserve flexibility to scale up or down according to complexity


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Dr. Patricia RandallPrinceton Consultants

Dr. Patricia Randall - Director | Princeton Consultants

Patricia joined Princeton Consultants in 2007. She specializes in the design, development, and implementation of large-scale, high impact systems that help businesses optimize their decision-making at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Patricia works on-site with client executives and subject matter experts, and with a team of optimizers, software developers and mathematicians. She has used many different approaches and algorithms to create functional models that quickly deliver the best possible results for very complex, real-world problems. Patricia holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University.


Kevin FuretCAST Software

Kevin Furet - Senior Solutions Specialist, CAST

Kevin is a Solution Design Architect at CAST, helping partners leverage Software Intelligence to build value-focused offerings for software modernization, application diagnostics and risk management programs. As a member of the Strategic Partnerships team, he helps Advisories and Consulting firms assess large IT organizations’ application landscapes and define actionable, future-proof strategies.