Princeton Consultants presents

How to plan modernization while mitigating risk

Mitigating risk during the modernization process requires a careful plan that ensures smooth transitions as well as maintaining system operability.

Using CAST, our Partner, Princeton Consultants helped a Fortune 500 company accelerate its Digital Transformation journey. With the integration of CAST’s AIP solution, executives can:

  • greatly reduce time for design and approach and planning
  • align understanding between different technology teams
  • create independent projects for a phased migration
  • preserve flexibility to scale up or down according to complexity

Dr. Patricia Randall
Princeton Consultants

Dr. Patricia Randall

Patricia joined Princeton Consultants in 2007. She specializes in the design, development, and implementation of large-scale, high impact systems that help businesses optimize their decision-making at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Patricia works on-site with client executives and subject matter experts, and with a team of optimizers, software developers and mathematicians. She has used many different approaches and algorithms to create functional models that quickly deliver the best possible results for very complex, real-world problems. Patricia holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University.

Kevin Furet
CAST Software

Kevin Furet
Senior Solutions Specialist

Kevin is a Solution Design Architect at CAST, helping partners leverage Software Intelligence to build value-focused offerings for software modernization, application diagnostics and risk management programs. As a member of the Strategic Partnerships team, he helps Advisories and Consulting firms assess large IT organizations’ application landscapes and define actionable, future-proof strategies.