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How to start thinking about modernization with AWS

Companies are drawn to application modernization with benefits like flexibility, agility, and potential cost savings, but it’s a complicated process to get started.

Gathering data across all applications teams to assess workload modernization options, including rightsizing, containerization, and refactoring for cloud-native services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS), is complex, laborious, and time consuming.

AWS, in collaboration with CAST Software, Cloudwiry, and Dynatrace, have found a way to automate this process and reduce it from months to just a few days, putting significant savings within reach—customers can reduce spend by 64%.1

Watch the recording to see how you can use intelligent automation that will cut through the complexity to understand baseline performance, identify blockers, and calculate the TCO for your apps before and after modernization.

See how to get the answers needed to optimize and modernize

Auto-discovery and baselining
Use machine learning-based detection for all components, infrastructure, and data.

Visualize your solution
Understand the complexity of the migration from the start to better build your architecture.

Calculate the TCO
Get the full picture of your spending, including postmigration licensing costs.

Track your progress
Document your modernization process, cost savings, and results.

1Modernize Your Applications, Drive Growth and Reduce TCO.” Amazon Web Services.


Danielle Greshock
WW Director of Partner Solutions Architecture, ISVs

Danielle oversees the organization within AWS responsible for building joint solutions and go-to-market activities with ISVs. She has been with AWS for over seven years and brings 17 years of experience building software and systems at both startups and enterprises.


Aditya Datta
CEO and founder

Aditya is passionate about automating mundane tasks and connecting the dots between finance, operations, and engineering for seamless savings. An avid wildlife photographer, he enjoys brainstorming about creative ways to maximize savings, hedge risk, and how cloud computing is maturing as a commodity.


Eric Horsman

With 20 years of experience in the application performance and observability space, Eric has held leadership roles across sales engineering, sales, partner, and alliance teams. He is well seasoned when it comes to AWS cloud workloads and visualization and cost optimization/migration practices for AWS data.

CAST Software

Chakra Yarlagadda
Sr. Vice President of Cloud and Private Equity Sales

Chakra has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Bachelors in Engineering. While working for IBM, he was responsible for starting the IBM cloud and managing global customers in China. Before this, Chakra worked in corporate development, where he led merger and acquisition transactions totaling about $9 billion in value.