M&A Technology Due Diligence EBook

The 5 Insights You Should Consider To Reduce Your Investment Risk

Practical Guide

M&A Technology Due Diligence EBook

When companies engage in a merger & acquisition initiative, it is mandatory to secure the transaction to gain a competitive advantage or simply to grow. In an acquisition, companies inherit assets that will enhance business operations, but they also come with hidden risks and debt.

One aspect of due diligence focuses on Financials, where dozens of advisors & auditors analyze income statements, balance sheets, the customer base and anticipated revenue. Even though it’s a very complex exercise, the results are based on objective facts. Nowadays, because of our digital world, software is everywhere. The pre-merger phase must also embed an IT due diligence which can be much more complex, costly and time consuming.

Application Portfolio Analysis provides a rapid portfolio assessment which is objective, repeatable and cost & time efficient. The following chapters will focus on the benefits of this unbiased analytics via 5 key insights.