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Monoliths, Microservices & Modernization – Practical Strategies & Guidance

Regardless of what modernization strategy you end up adopting, there are some key insights about your current application architecture, its design, complexity and component dependencies that are absolutely essential for your informed decision making. Complex legacy systems are black holes when it comes to these insights.

In this recorded webinar, our Software Architecture expert Philippe Guerin will dig into these essential pre-requisites and share some practical guidance to achieve them. You will learn on:

  • What do you need to know about your application infrastructure?
  • How do you get those insights or intelligence into the architecture, its complexity and component dependencies?
  • How would you act upon specific insights?
  • What is the impact of specific insights to your modernization strategy- Refactor Monolith to microservices, Migrate to cloud, Re-platform, Refactor, Migrate databases?

Philippe Guerin
CAST Software

Philippe Guerin
Subject Matter Expert

Philippe Guerin is a software analytics and risk prevention specialist and domain expert in legacy application modernization at CAST Software. He is a well-rounded technologist and team leader with over 15 years of leadership experience in architectural design & governance, product development and management, program management, solution architecture, sales, and services.