Infosys presents

Software Intelligence in DevOps - with speed & at scale

Effective Digital Transformation requires Agile & DevOps at Scale to help delivery organization adopt new technologies, transform legacy systems into high-quality customer-centric experiences, innovate and respond swiftly to the ever-changing customer needs.

The DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA) in recent report identifies elite performers, the 7% who demonstrate DevOps excellence outranked their peers by: 6 times more frequent code deployments and 2,555 times faster journey from “commit to deploy.” While IEEE documents how automated structural quality analysis within Agile-DevOps methodology results in 21 times (+19,000) more builds per month with half the previous staffing while experiencing a 30-48% improvement in overall application quality and 28% improvement in team productivity.

However, achieving efficient Agile at scale and high-reliable DevOps adoption in organizations is often inhibited by geographically distributed teams, cultural resistance and lack of automation levers.

To address these challenges Infosys and CAST software have joined forces to provide a platform-based approach for DevOps (Infosys DevOps Platform), augmented with Software Intelligence (Powered by CAST).

Learn about:

  • Agile & DevOps adoption - Industry trends and Observations
  • Top Challenges to scale Agile & DevOps
  • Deep dive on DevOps platform based approach
  • Deep dive on Software Intelligence for enhanced user experience

Naresh Choudhary

Naresh Choudhary
Vice President


Naresh is Vice President, Reuse and Tools Head @ Infosys Ltd. In his stint at Infosys, Naresh has worked in different roles in Software Delivery, Consulting, Quality Assurance, Open Source, Tools & Technology across functions that have provided him opportunities to work on key transformation programs.

Naresh has experience in Software Development, Quality System Design, Process definition & deployment, Implementation & Consulting, Training, Audits & Assessments. He possesses a sound understanding of various quality models, methodologies and frameworks like CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, MBNQA, Agile & DevOps.

Sylvain Cailliau

Sylvain Cailliau
Technical Director

CAST Software

Sylvain is a specialist in Application Life Cycle Management and DevOps Domains with deep knowledge in all the Development Life Cycle Disciplines. With more than 25 years of experience in the software industry Sylvain has been involved in many complex and international deployment of full Life Cycle Solutions. Before joining CAST, he held at Microfocus the position of DevOps Practice Manager for the EMEA and LATAM territory. Sylvain is ITIL Certified and SCRUM Master.

John Chang

John Chang
VP of Worldwide Product Marketing

CAST Software

John a Software Intelligence evangelist leading worldwide product marketing at CAST. Prior to his current role, John spent three years at CAST’s front-line leading the technical sales team, enabling customers to leverage Software Intelligence to modernize software, reduce risk, and continuously improve the software supply chain. John began his career leading the development of business intelligence solutions for large companies such as CSX and Maersk Line. After completing his MBA at Rutgers University, he joined INTTRA in 2011 and then CAST in 2014.