Software Intelligence in M&A -
For objective IT due diligence and improved integration synergies

Partner Enablement Series


In a merger or an acquisition, companies inherit assets that are expected to enhance business operations, but they also come with potential hidden risks. While the auditors and advisors use balance sheets and income statements to objectively assess the financial risks, there is a potential gap in terms of an objective view of the risks in the IT assets being acquired.

This knowledge gap could erode the benefits from expected synergies and may lead to unanticipated costs.

In this 30 minute webinar you will learn how to leverage CAST Software Intelligence to :

  • Capture & analyze the application portfolio of the target company
  • Identify and mitigate software risk
  • Identify complexity to control Technical Debt
  • Anticipate scalability, resiliency, and security of business critical applications
  • Plan integration resource allocation


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Kevin Furet

Kevin Furet - Solution Design Architect, CAST

Kevin is a Solution Design Architect at CAST, helping partners leverage Software Intelligence to build value-focused offerings for software modernization, application diagnostics and risk management programs. As a member of the Strategic Partnerships team, he helps Advisories and Consulting firms assess large IT organizations’ application landscapes and define actionable, future-proof strategies.


Kim Kortum

Kim Kortum - Sr. Director, Business Development, Advisory & Consulting Firms | CAST

In her current role at CAST, Kim creates and cultivates strategic relationships with management consultancies and advisories, enabling them with the most modern software intelligence technology. Prior to CAST, Kim ran the business relationship between D&B and IBM, focused on data analytics and IT optimization. She also worked for Gartner for over 15 years, starting as a measurement analyst and moving on Gartner Consulting along with other roles.