The Cloud is Ready But Are Your Apps?



‘Cloudification’ is a strategic focus area today, yet the typical application landscape remains a black box and estimates are pretty much guestimates. So how can you be sure your strategy and applications are cloud ready? Attend this session to explore how a Cloud Assessment uses industry-proven metrics to ensure stability for these key characteristics:

  • Structural robustness
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Architectural compliance
  • Transformation potential

Leverage the results to prioritize your portfolio, estimate scope and effort, manage the transformation process and more. Learn how to customize these rules and metrics to govern cloud deployment decisions, for integration into a differentiated value proposition, or as inputs to a cognitive engine.



Bill Dickenson

Bill Dickenson, Director of Solution Delivery at CAST

Bill Dickenson is the Director of Solution Delivery at CAST. Bill was previously an independent consultant with Strategy On The Web and former VP of Application Management Services for IBM, bringing decades of experience in application development, maintenance and integrated operations. Bill has had global responsibilities over the full range of IT including solution development, solution offerings and leading global teams. He has spent a career working with C-level executives on business case development, services strategy, program and vendor management, business process reengineering, outsourcing engagements and implementation approaches. Bill has professional experience with multiple industry verticals such as Ciber, IBM, PwC, CSC, DuPont in operations, new business development and executive leadership.

Daniel Maly

Daniel Maly, Senior Vice President for DACH Region at CAST

Daniel is responsible for the strategy, operations and revenue growth for CAST across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He is focused on developing and driving business engagements across the automotive, banking, energy, insurance, and government industries. Prior to CAST, Daniel enjoyed a 8 year tenure with Microsoft, during which time he grew an impressive portfolio from $78m to $380m over 4.5 years by deploying customized vertical value propositions consisting of products, solutions and SaaS into targeted industries.


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