Red Hawk Technologies presents

The custom software control tower:

How to de-risk custom business applications

Mid-market companies outsource the development of custom applications and often approach it as if they were projects. Who’s monitoring the open source software (OSS) components for emerging vulnerabilities, security and licensing risks once a “project” is complete? Are these companies aware of which applications are likely to have production issues?

Thankfully, there’s a “control tower” that can automatically understand software composition and technical debt without disrupting routine work. Learn from this fireside how this control tower helps Red Hawk minimize software risks and optimize performance for their customers.

During this chat, you will hear:

  • Key challenges that caused Red Hawk to look for a “control tower”
  • How Red Hawk is using their control tower to minimize risks and optimize performance
  • Best practices for governing OSS risks across an application portfolio

Matt Strippelhoff
Red Hawk Technologies

Matt Strippelhoff
CEO, Red Hawk Technologies

Matt is a visionary leader in custom software development, support, and maintenance. Recognized with the 2022 Visionary Leader Award by The Circuit, he's propelled Red Hawk to global acclaim, ranking among the top 1000 companies worldwide and top software developers in Kentucky in 2023, per Clutch.

Kevin Furet
CAST Software

Kevin Furet
Principal Solutions Architect, CAST

Kevin is a Principal Solutions Architect at CAST, helping partners and clients to leverage software intelligence to build value based offerings for software modernization, application diagnostics and risk management programs.