IBM presents

The secret to faster modernization for Cloud

Application modernization is one of the biggest challenges for enterprise IT today, especially as organizations begin to migrate their most critical workloads, the brains of the business, to cloud.

With so many unknowns about the actual condition of the applications at stake, how do you even know where to start and then shorten the time to benefit of the entire modernization effort?

IBM is helping businesses to become more agile and transform faster by bringing a unique blend of end-to-end application strategy and modernization execution capabilities, powered by software intelligence.

In this session, IBM and CAST experts share their approach and real-world examples.

Learn how you, too, can:

  • Assess the Cloud readiness of your application portfolio based on facts
  • Create modernization for cloud roadmaps 5x faster
  • Modernize and re-factor an application 2x faster

Aparna Sharma

Aparna Sharma
VP Cloud Application Innovation

Aparna helps clients accelerate the modernization of business critical applications to cloud. She leads globally Cloud Modernization and Development Services at IBM, with proven track record in helping clients transform and develop new applications using the IBM Garage Method and cloud native development approaches.

Greg Rivera
CAST Software

Greg Rivera
VP Product Strategy

Greg is an expert in applying software intelligence for evaluating Cloud Readiness of custom-build application portfolios. He helps IT organizations, consultancies, and cloud vendors to assess large application landscapes, accelerate application modernization and speed-up migration journeys to cloud PaaS.