Prime Factors presents

When greater visibility drives better data security:

Mapping and securing data flows at the application layer

In recent years, global analyst firms have suggested that sensitive data should be protected at the application layer. However, lack of visibility into applications and data flows, coupled with legacy systems too complex to re-architect regardless of development resources, poses a challenge to application layer data protection. So much so that these analysts as recently as only a few years ago were saying that application layer data protection was too hard for most enterprises to achieve.

What if it wasn’t?

Watch this recording featuring Prime Factors and CAST to hear a new perspective on how greater visibility into your applications and data flows, coupled with unique data protection architectures built to simplify protecting data in applications can give you the power to simplify delivering a resilient data protection strategy at a higher level. We’ll discuss how Software Intelligence helps organizations discover and map specific data flows whose security is not addressed by at-rest data protection, how to abstract data protection in applications to reduce complexity, and how better visibility into applications and data flows can drive better data security and data privacy enforcement.

Key takeaways:

  • Why and how to start thinking differently about sensitive data discovery
  • How to visualize the places that data-at-rest security doesn’t address data security
  • Technologies available to visualize applications’ inner workings, including architecture and data flows
  • How to simplify securing data at the application layer, where data is most exposed
  • Specific use cases that call for greater visibility and better security, including;
    • Undertaking application modernization
    • Sunsetting legacy security point solutions
    • Preparing for cloud migration

Justin Teitt
Prime Factors

Justin Teitt

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Luc Perard
CAST Software

Luc Perard
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