Accenture presents

Accelerating developer onboarding with CAST Imaging

Accenture shows how new software team members can become productive faster

Developers spend as much as 58%* of their time trying to comprehend the software they work on, a phenomenon now exacerbated by soaring attrition, high internal mobility, and working from anywhere.

CAST Imaging automatically generates an interactive map of what’s inside an application – a living knowledgebase of the actual architecture, down to the line of code, easy to navigate and always up to date.

In this session, Accenture demonstrates how software team newcomers use CAST Imaging to quickly understand the inner workings of the applications and become productive much faster.

Learn how your software teams can:

  • Automatically discover and see the application architecture
  • Quickly navigate all components and their dependencies
  • Respond faster to business needs - from small changes to modernization
  • Improve cross-team collaboration and efficiency

* IEEE study - Measuring program comprehension

Reema Gaurav

Reema Gaurav
Application Portfolio Management and Modernization

Technology leader with 16 years of experience in Application Portfolio Planning, Management and Modernization, with strong expertise in Engineering productivity, process and skill transition.

Rado Nikolov
CAST Software

Rado Nikolov
EVP Software Intelligence

Product management leader for the CAST software intelligence platform, which enables faster modernization for Cloud and raising the ongoing speed and efficiency of Software Engineering.