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Faster Modernization & Refactoring

Discover your application internal architecture, modernize and refactor 2x faster

On average 58% of time is spent on understanding
the existing legacy code, per recent IEEE study.


Refactoring during Cloud migrations millions of lines of code created over decades requires deep understanding of the software architecture, its components and interdependencies.

The typical lack of documentation and absence of developers with legacy knowledge bogs down architects and development teams. They often resort to trial-and-error methods for refactoring, taking wrong turns and inadvertently introducing production defects affecting the business.

Accelerating Application Refactoring

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CAST Imaging automatically provides accurate end-to-end architecture blueprints, enabling tasks that took months to be done in minutes


CAST Imaging reverse engineers and automatically ‘understands’ software systems built with any mix of 3GL, 4GL, Mobile, Web, Middleware, Framework, Database, Mainframe technologies.

It creates accurate, zoomable architecture blueprints of all database structures, code components, and their interdependencies. Down to the slightest details. You can see the transaction flows and tag the components using functional knowledge from the application users.



  • 10x faster software architecture discovery
  • 2x faster decoupling, refactoring, re-architecting
  • 2x faster onboarding of new developers

With CAST Imaging you can:


Easily explore Software Architectures to the tiniest detail.

Automatically understand the technology stack, as well as all interdependencies between code components, application layers, frameworks, technologies, databases. Identify obsolete technologies and frameworks that are good candidates for decommissioning and see inside the software system with MRI-like precision.

Easily explore Software Architectures to the tiniest detail. In real time.

Automatically plot Data Access Graphs.

Automatically identify all components involved in the display and/or the processing of the data stored into data repositories, such as tables and flat files, avoiding wrong turns in de-coupling and refactoring.

Automatically plot Data Access Graphs. In minutes.

Quickly reverse engineer API Call Graphs.

Automatically identify API routes with tight dependencies between them (hard to separate) and flows with low dependencies (to be considered for separation), a necessary consideration for ensuring scalability and deployment flexibility of the modernized application.

Quickly Reverse Engineer API call graphs. In minutes.

Auto discover potential candidates for De-coupling.

Quickly identify the artefacts (horizontal layer) contributing to functional communities. Automatically identify communities tightly coupled and with low modularity (hard to separate) and communities with low coupling that could be isolated with minimal effort.

Auto discover potential candidates for De-coupling. In minutes.

Auto discover potential candidates for Microservices.

Find the most practical (low effort) Microservices candidates. Identify core components (vertical layer) supporting several functions, a good starting point for microservices.

Auto discover potential candidates for Microservices. In minutes.

Understand functional relevance of technical elements.

You can tag modules discovered by CAST Imaging according to their functional and/or technical relevance. For example, you can tag all modules that comprise a transaction and all modules slated for de-coupling and immediately see the intersection.

Understand Functional Relevance of Technical Elements.

Easily identify dependencies between applications.

Minimize business interruptions by migrating a cluster of applications together, based on the dependencies between them. When required, investigate the impact of breaking off the application from its cluster.

Easily Identify Dependencies Between Applications.

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"CAST Imaging provides a complete view of all the layers of the application, right from the topmost layer of the system, down to the databases."

Ramesh Chandrasekaran
COO, LTI Nordics

Watch how LTI leveraged CAST Imaging to accelerate modernization

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CAST Imaging works

What Our Clients Experienced


"Application architecture insights allow to build an informed modernization plan."

Varun Bijlani
GM & Managing Partner


"It's impossible to do a manual review of applications during modernization, you do need software intelligence."

Mario Contreras
Senior Architect


"Blueprinted the apps to break
them into microservices."

Marc Sterman
Managing Director


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