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Open Source Risk Control

Manage OSS legal compliance and security risks.
Across all your applications.
Without disrupting developers.

Over 70% of applications utilize open source components which introduces legal, security, and obsolescence risks, according to Gartner.


Competitive analysis & ranking of the leading Software Composition Analysis vendors. CAST is a leader across technology excellence and customer impact.

2022 SPARK Matrix™ Research for Software Composition Analysis by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Open Source Risk Research Report on SCA vendors

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So, why is this so hard?

Traditional approaches to implementing SCA are often challenging:

Slow and Cumbersome Rollout

Slow and Cumbersome

It can take months or even years to successfully deploy enterprise wide SCA across all applications.

Increasingly Complicated and Expensive

Increasingly Complicated
and Expensive

Integration into environments, IDE plugins for every developer, training multiple teams create complexity and significant cost.

Compounding Developer 'Alert Fatigue'

Compounding Developer
"Alert Fatigue"

Requiring every developer to be vigilant and creating more alerts slows down developers.


Ultimately, open source risks can get lost in the noise and ignored.
But, there is a smarter approach to SCA…

CAST Highlight -- the Open Source "Control Tower"

Across all your applications. Without disrupting developers.

Operational in Weeks

Operational in Weeks

Plugs directly into source code repositories and automatically aggregates the results of the analysis across all applications into intuitive dashboards allowing legal, security, and operations experts to make informed decisions engaging developers only when needed.

Generate or Import SBOMs

Generate or Import SBOMs

Automatically generates Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) by analyzing applications or importing existing SBOM, an inventory of all OSS components used within the codebase including licenses, versions and security vulnerabilities. Exports available in various formats including industry standards such as CycloneDX, Word, Excel, PPT, XML, and REST API.
See a sample SBOM

Automated Recommendations

Automated Recommendations

Built-in Portfolio Advisor for Open Source automatically prioritizes actions for the most severe licensing and security risks, based on the business impact of each application. Guides legal, security, and software experts on which alternative components are safer to use within the context of their application portfolio.

Identifies Emerging Vulnerabilities

Identifies Emerging Vulnerabilities

CAST’s exclusive “MRI for Software” automatically analyzes the source code of open-source components that are constantly changing, enabling organizations to intercept emerging vulnerabilities (open source CWEs) months before traditional SCA products can.


An effective alternative to traditional SCA products.
Operational in weeks, at much lower cost.

Traditional SCA
25 - 250 apps
50 - 500 developers
$100K - $1,000K
First year
CAST Highlight SCA
25 - 250 apps
Any # of developers
$27K - $115K
Every year

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