Application Portfolio Governance Scorecard

Sample Report

What is this report about?

This sample portfolio governance scorecard report includes priority insights and actions to continuously optimize application health, modernization, open source risk, and green impact.

Why this report helps govern an application portfolio?

Organizations now have 100x more software than just 10 years ago. * CIOs, CTOs, software leaders feel overwhelmed by complexity, limited visibility, lack of facts. There is no single integrated view of their application portfolio. How do you govern the chaos and answer critical questions like:

  • What are the best opportunities to reduce costs?
  • Which critical applications are most likely to go down in production?
  • Which applications are better suited for Cloud?
  • Where can I shift maintenance resources to optimize costs?
  • Where might I have open source legal or security exposure?
  • Am I producing greener software year over year?
What’s included in this sample report?

This document is a sample of automatically generated intelligence about a portfolio of 17 applications.

Key insights in this report include:

  • Specific recommendations on how to optimize software maintenance costs, application resiliency, and tech debt
  • Specific recommendations on how to modernize each application to be cloud native
  • Specific recommendations on how to reduce open source risks
  • Specific recommendations on how to make software greener

CAST Highlight was used to produce the intelligence in a few hours by automatically understanding the source code and capturing qualitative information via a built-in survey capability.

*Arstechnica and Dimensional Research