Roadmap To Cloud Native

Sample Report

Roadmap To Cloud Native

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What is this report about?

This sample report includes prioritized actions for planning a faster & safer migration to cloud, modernizing applications to be cloud native after migration, and continuously optimizing them (open source risk mitigation, technical debt reduction, improved sustainability).

Why this report helps optimize applications before and after migration to the cloud?

Modernizing existing applications to become cloud native and deployed in a PaaS environment without re-developing an entire software system can deliver on the promise of cloud – scalability, resiliency, performance, economics, access to services such as AI/ML, DBaaS, containers, and more.

However, the process can be slow and risky, requiring accurate understanding of the existing application inner workings, necessary to determine the following:

  • The best modernization approach, such as Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild, etc.
  • The code changes required to take advantage of PaaS, and estimated effort
  • The ideal cloud native services to adopt for optimal cloud resource usage
  • The additional changes for reducing technical debt, mitigating open source risks, making software greener
What’s included in this sample report?

This document is a sample of automatically generated intelligence about a portfolio of 17 applications considered for modernization to cloud native. Some of the applications are still on-premise and others have already been rehosted on cloud (IaaS).

Key insights in this report include:

  • Specific recommendations on how to modernize each application to be cloud native
  • Specific recommendations on open source risks, software health, and green impact to be considered as part of the modernization

CAST Highlight was used to produce the intelligence in a few hours by automatically analyzing the source code and completing a few survey questions for each application.