Green Software Scorecard – Sample Report

What is this report about?

This sample report includes prioritized insights and actions to continuously optimize green impact of software applications.

Why this report helps make software greener?

Software-related CO2 emissions account for 4-5% of global emissions, equivalent to the emissions of all aviation, shipping, and rail combined. And, 85% of the carbon emissions generated by running enterprise software systems can be impacted by application design & development.*

Green software development is emerging as the next logical step for enterprises globally to make their technology more sustainable and meet emerging regulatory requirements. But, this requires insight into software inner workings.

Now, there is a way to automatically analyze software source code for Green Impact and get:

  • Green Impact scores for an application portfolio and each individual application
  • Automated recommendations on how to improve Green Impact across applications
  • Green Deficiencies found in the source code that contribute to excess use of resources/energy
  • Suggested remediation steps and effort estimates
What’s included in this sample report?

This document is a sample of automatically generated intelligence about a portfolio of 17 applications.

Key insights in this report include:

  • Specific recommendations on how to make software greener (which typically also optimizes cost & performance)
  • Specific recommendations on software health, open source risks, and cloud optimization to be considered as part of the sustainability program

CAST Highlight was used to produce the intelligence in a few hours by automatically understanding the source code and capturing qualitative information via a built-in survey capability.

* Source: Accenture, Green Software Foundation