Accelerating Application Refactoring

Practical Guide

This practical guide details how the essential activities of application refactoring typically employed during modernization, monolith to microservices transformation, legacy & cloud migration etc. can be significantly accelerated by applying software intelligence.

Learn about:
  • The five approaches to application modernization & transformation
  • The most common Analysis and Action motions used during application refactoring
  • Accelerating the common refactoring motions by applying software intelligence

This guide is the result of distilling the experience of helping businesses, governments, consultancies, and integrators modernize complex, custom-built software applications.

About the author

Philippe Guerin
CAST Software

Philippe Guerin is a Senior Software Architect at CAST and leads the team of CAST Solutions Architects. He is an expert in application modernization, architectural design, and software intelligence. Over the last 10 years Philippe has been helping businesses, government agencies, consultancies, integrators, and cloud vendors assess large IT organizations application landscapes and accelerate transformation efforts. You can contact him directly at