Raising Developer Productivity

Practical Guide

This practical guide details how developers’ productivity can be significantly increased by using auto-generated, interactive architecture blueprints.

Learn about:

  • The most time-consuming activities during development activities
  • The common approach of teams for developing complex systems
  • Raising team productivity with visualization of the inner structure of apps

This guide results from an analysis of industry studies observing developers' activities and distills CAST experience helping large IT shop businesses and integrators with thousands of developers to raise ADM / AMS productivity.

About the author

Dejan Ivanov
CAST Software

Dejan Ivanov oversees the CAST Delivery organization, with consulting resources in Europe, the US and India. Dejan is an experienced consulting and IT delivery leader focused on innovation, pursuing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, building clients’ Centers of Excellence for producing software intelligence and leveraging the insights throughout the organization. In parallel Dejan was leading Consulting Activities for clients in the Telco & Media Sector and was also acting as Innovation Lead. You can contact Dejan directly at d.ivanov@castsoftware.com.