CAST presents

Navigating the modernization maze:
Strategies for successful application modernization in a multi technology landscape

Embark on a transformative journey with us in our upcoming quickest 30-minute concise session, where we'll unravel the intricacies of modernizing Business Critical Applications amidst today's Multitechnology landscape. Get ready to address rapid shifts in business needs and gain valuable insights into key strategies tailored for the Banks, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors. Navigate the modernization maze effortlessly with us!

Key Take Aways:

  • Overview of the modernization Multi technology landscape & Complexity involved in modernization in BFSI.
  • Explore Application Architecture Discovery, Quick Modernizations for Monoliths, Microservices & Mainframe Applications.
  • Software Knowledge Preservation for Enhanced Engineering Efficiency.
  • Real-world Insights from Large Bank, Insurance & Financial Services Organization on Legacy Modernization and Understanding Large Complex Applications.

Abhishek Sinha
CAST Software

Abhishek Sinha
Solution Design & Pre-Sales Manager – ASEAN CAST

Introducing Abhishek, a distinguished TOGAF 9.1 certified Enterprise Architect boasting 19+ years of industry mastery. His repertoire includes adeptness in crafting, managing, and refining intricate business applications. Certified across AWS, Azure, and Oracle, Abhishek shines in CRM suite design, cloud-driven Big Data solutions, and consultation for IT architecture. Presently, as Pre-sales Solutions Manager at CAST, he spearheads innovative strategies for key sectors like banking, insurance, and financial services, elevating software modernization, cloud initiatives, and engineering efficacy.