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Greater Engineering Speed and Efficiency

Automatically map application internals for easier discovery, collaboration and changes

Business application owners struggle to help their software teams move faster.
Despite investments in skills, DevOps, Agile, even the simplest change could take weeks to make.


Why? Developers spend 58%* of their time searching and understanding the software. They rely on long Zoom calls, busy SMEs, conflicting documents to figure out all relevant components and their dependencies.

(*) IEEE study: Measuring program comprehension


CAST Imaging maps all relationships of all elements inside your application into a living knowledge base of its internals

Improve distributed developer collaboration

On their own, team members can:

  • Use a single, detailed, actual ‘version of the truth’
  • Access critical Transactions and sensitive Data Flows
  • Enrich a knowledge base with any changes made to applications

actual architecture

Learn any complex system with 5 levels of abstraction, from bird’s-eye view down to the finest source code detail.

critical knowledge

Literally see the actual transaction flows, data access paths, API call graphs - the know-how of the system.

easy-to-navigate documentation

Add tags, notes, documents to objects, and groups of objects for an always up-to-date knowledgebase of the system.

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CAST Imaging – Benefits


Faster onboarding of newcomers

  • Self-navigating the entire architecture
  • Understanding all the dependencies
  • Learning from shared and documented views
Faster onboarding of new developers

Less time spent making changes

  • Identifying impacted artifacts
  • Estimating and documenting changes
  • Defining test coverages
Less time spent making changes

Safer and faster modernization

  • Isolating highly coupled artifacts
  • Discovering microservices candidates
  • Monitoring of adherence to target designs
Safer and faster modernization

Visualizing all interdependencies and structural detail of complex software applications can dramatically raise productivity

ROI basis for Productivity time Improvement

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What our clients experienced


"Using CAST makes teams
10-20% more productive."

Ramesh Chandrasekaran
COO Nordics


"CAST Imaging minimizes upgrade and testing efforts."

Alan Capper
Global Leader Application Modernization


"CAST helps in understanding the existing architectures and speed up the application development."

Aditi Kulkarni
Global Assets Engineering Lead