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ISO 5055 explained. Is your software rock solid, efficient, and safe?

Extensive research shows that 90% of software production issues are caused by just 8% of the software flaws – flaws in the architecture*. Not surprisingly, they also are the hardest to find.

The new ISO 5055 standard (ISO/IEC 5055) addresses this challenge by providing engineering rules for finding and preventing those critical flaws. The set of rules is used to assess the internals of software systems on four business-critical factors – Security, Reliability, Maintainability, Performance Efficiency.

These factors determine how trustworthy, dependable, and resilient a software system will be.

Financial institutions, governments, telecoms, manufacturers, system integrators, software providers and others can leverage ISO 5055 to avoid disruptions, reputational damage, or excessive IT costs. They can also use the widely accepted standard to show objectively the structural condition of critical systems to regulators, boards, or stakeholders.

Learn about:

  • What is included in ISO 5055
  • The implications and opportunities for regulators, IT organizations, software suppliers
  • How applying the ISO 5055 rules can be automated

* Software Quality, Wikipedia

David Powner

David Powner
Director of Strategic Engagement


Dave leads strategic partnerships at the MITRE – a US non-profit organization working across government to tackle challenges to citizens the safety, stability, and well-being. He also served as a Director at the U.S. Government Accountability Office, where he led numerous reviews of federal information technology. In the private sector, Dave led software development teams in the telecommunications industry.

Joshua Mordin

Joshua Mordin
Applications Operations Branch Chief


Josh is responsible for the operational effectiveness and structural integrity of GSA software assets. He and his team have been implementing federal policies and applying software intelligence in managing complex software supply chains, enhancing developers skills, rapidly modernizing legacy code, reducing emergency fixes, and increasing application performance.

Rado Nikolov

Rado Nikolov
EVP Software Intelligence

CAST Software

Rado leads Product Management for the CAST software intelligence platform, which enables fact-based critical decisions, faster modernization for Cloud, and raises ADM/AMS productivity. Prior to CAST, he experienced firsthand the need for clear visibility into the condition of complex software systems while working for IBM and MDA, where he run product management for middleware products and built mission-critical applications for large organizations.