Broadridge presents

New, simpler approach for Open-Source risk management

Reducing the time to value of Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

The ubiquitous use of open-source software (OSS) in custom-built applications is driving up the intellectual property and security risks for corporate legal teams and application portfolio owners.

Companies trying to train every developer to use SCA plugins, and erect various walls, typically find the rollout to be slow, overly complicated, and exacerbating the ‘alert fatigue’ already plaguing developers.

Instead, several federal agencies, top-tier advisories, and financial firms now use CAST Highlight for its simpler, efficient, frictionless SCA, rapid rollout and auto-detection of yet-to-be-reported vulnerabilities.

Learn how to stand up effective SCA across your entire application portfolio in less than a month, with automatic advice on prioritizing the remediation of:

  • OSS security risks per National Vulnerabilities Database
  • OSS emerging vulnerabilities, months before traditional SCA tools can detect them
  • Legal and intellectual property risks across all your OSS components
  • Operational risks due to OSS components obsolescence

Without breaking the bank, slowing developers, changing processes, hiring consultants.

Marilyn Hartnett

Marilyn Hartnett
VP, Office of the CIO,
Broadridge Financial Solutions

Marilyn is responsible for Open Source governance and oversight of enterprise toolsets at Broadridge. She is PMP and PMI-ACP certified, with 20+ years of experience managing programs and projects across strategic software development and technology services.

Greg Rivera
CAST Software

Greg Rivera
Vice President of SCA,

Greg leads product strategy for the CAST Highlight SaaS platform helping organizations adopt effective open source risk management, and overall control across their entire software portfolios.