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Accelerating software development

Boosting ADM productivity with CAST Imaging

Developers spend up to 60% their time understanding the source code and architecture of the software they are working on. Why? Applications are made of millions of lines of code with multiple layers and technologies, and hardly any blueprint or map to guide the developers.

CAST Imaging takes custom-build applications and reverse-engineers all data entities, all code components, all interdependencies into interactive maps of the actual architecture. Reducing the time needed to build, fix, and enhance software by as much as 10-30%.

Learn about:

  • How LTI raised the efficiency and productivity of their software teams using CAST Imaging.
  • How to onboard newcomers faster by using accurate maps of the architecture.
  • How to speed up development, maintenance, and modernization activities of complex systems.

Nachiket Deshpande

Nachiket Deshpande

Nachiket has over 23 years of rich experience in ADM delivery, customer relationships management, account and P&L management across verticals, technologies, and geographies. Throughout his career he has driven large scale transformations and lead global delivery and strategy for infrastructure services with offerings across service management, cloud, automation, analytics, and IoT.

Rado Nikolov
CAST Software

Rado Nikolov
EVP Software Intelligence

Rado leads Product Management for the CAST software intelligence platform, which enables fact-based critical decisions, faster modernization for Cloud, and raises ADM/AMS productivity. Prior to CAST, he experienced firsthand the need for clear visibility into the condition of complex software systems while working for IBM and MDA, where he run product management for middleware products and built mission-critical applications for large organizations.