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How & Why Capgemini Industrialized Software Analytics


Thierry Daumas, SVP Industrialization Capgemini Continental Europe shares insight how software analysis and measurement enhances global application development process.


With 25,000 developers across 13 countries, the scale of Capgemini’s application development efforts is mindboggling. Needing to continuously improve, to stay competitive in a tight margin market and to improve customer satisfaction, Capgemini embarked on a transformation that challenged conventional thinking about how applications are developed and supported. Thierry Daumus, leads Capgemini’s application development industrialization program that now measures the development of over 1700 applications – that’s over 60 million lines of code analyzed per month. His goal? Reduce production cost, accelerate early identification of critical issues, avoid rework, and improve the on boarding of resources all while delivering better services to his clients.

Listen to Mr. Daumas describe his software measurement philosophy, explain how to tackle organization challenges and learn what software measurement delivers to senior executives.
Some highlights include:

  • "Measurement is the first step to build trust. And trust is essential element of our business."
  • "Software measurements starts with the client - what questions do they need answered?"
  • "Software measurement is a philosophy that is embedded in our lifecycle."
  • "Everyone is afraid of measurement because measurement gives you facts and the facts are sometimes not very pleasant. But it is the first step you need to make – to accept reality. Once you have, you are ready for improvement."
  • "It’s a win win situation, we use software measurement because the client will get more quality and better focus of his investment to transform assets. For us it generates more business."
  • "You not only have to monitor quality of what you commit in your CI, you have to secure the risk of your system, your applications through the layers of architecture."
  • "Software measurement enhances productivity. When you measure, people naturally want to reach that benchmark. Software measurement gives us a sense of where they are and where we want them to be."