How do you control Open Source risks without disrupting developers?

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CAST Highlight is an effective alternative or complement to traditional SCA products. Operational in weeks. At much lower cost. The preferred "control tower" for open source.

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According to Gartner, over 90% of organizations use open source components within their software which introduces security, legal, and obsolescence risks.

CAST Highlight

A smarter, simpler approach to software composition analysis (SCA)

Operational in Weeks

Operational in Weeks

Plugs directly into code repositories. Aggregates findings across all applications into intuitive dashboards. Legal and security experts can monitor risks without relying on developers.

Automated Recommendations

Automated Recommendations

Prioritizes which risks to address first, based on the business impact of each application. Guides legal, security, and software experts in choosing alternative, safer to use components.

Detects Emerging Vulnerabilities

Detects Emerging Vulnerabilities

Automatically analyzes the source code of popular open-source components, so it can spot weaknesses months before traditional SCA products can.

Key SCA Capabilities


Open Source Safety score

Automatically detect all open source frameworks and 3rd party components from a proprietary knowledgebase of 100 million+ components. Use the unique Open Source Safety score to prioritize remediation efforts across entire portfolios and focus on the most business critical applications first.

Portfolio Advisor for Open Source

Rapidly prioritize applications with Open Source and third-party component risks across your application portfolio and get automated recommendations on actions to take to reduce vulnerability, license and operational risks.

Detect Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures

Automatically identify all CVEs that pose security risks at the portfolio and application levels. Analyze severity and business impact to prioritize remediation efforts and act on the most critical threats first.

Detect Common Weakness Enumerations

Expand security risk insight coverage by identifying CWEs that represent possible future vulnerabilities that have not yet been reported officially as CVEs. Automatically detect CWEs via CAST’s exclusive Open Source Software Intelligence Database (OSSIDB) and structural code quality technology that analyzes the most popular OSS components.

Reduce legal risks

Detect all licenses in use across components at the portfolio and application levels to identify possible legal issues. Customize the license profile policy to meet specific needs of the organization.

Prevent technology obsolescence

Instantly detect which applications use obsolete component versions that require upgrades and get recommendations on safer versions to use.

Uncover hidden risks

Detect open source vulnerability and license risks buried in dependent components that your open source components use. Get insights on how to remove these harder to find threats.

OSS Dependency Explorer

Analyze complex applications that use numerous components more easily using data visualization. Explore and filter open source risks, dependencies, and priorities especially when analyzing hundreds or thousands of components.

SCA Chrome Browser Extension

Get Open Source component information (vulnerabilities, license risk, allow/deny status, available versions, etc.) directly in Chrome when visiting component repository web sites.


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