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Software Supply Chain Transparency

Data-driven insight to improve outsourcing relationships

Objective assessment of contract deliverables, based on the widely accepted ISO 5055, transforms vendors into partners, guarantees best value from suppliers and enables innovative service level agreements to ensure better outcomes.

CAST technology automatically reverse-engineers software architectures, tracks data manipulation from user entry to database, and applies ISO 5055 rules to objectively evaluate the structural integrity of the software. With MRI-like precision.

Create objective supplier relationships
  • Automate review of deliverables to secure the supply chain
  • Create constructive dialogue with strategic partners
  • Reduce supply chain risk to business
  • Improve agility and responsiveness to end-users needs
  • Identify non-standard costs related to change requests

What our clients experienced

I can see in minutes what took three months to find before

David Ruggiero
Modernization & Cloud
Advisory Leader

Marsh Mclennan
CAST Imaging minimizes upgrade and testing efforts.

Alan Capper
Global Leader Application

A far better productivity of 10 to 15% additional on top of what we are getting today.

Naresh Choudhary
Associate Vice President