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Leading Airline and IBM Consulting complete massive cloud migration and modernization


IBM Consulting is the professional services arm of IBM, made up of business, technology and industry experts.


Airline company

Client is the largest US based Global Airline with 80,000 worldwide employees, and $45 billion in annual revenue.

CAST Highlight enabled the client to rationalize the application portfolio of 1,300 applications.

With CAST Imaging, the client could discover the inner working of top core applications enabling their faster modernization.

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Airline company

Without the knowledge base created by CAST, I would be hesitant to change the critical systems and run the risk of stalling the business.

Head of Applications

Millions of $

saved from modernization and migration costs, in addition to the operating savings in faster cloud usage


The client had to move applications to AWS. A simple “Lift & Shift” was not an option as it wouldn’t meet the client’s objective for modernization and cost savings. The client endeavors to move 1,300 applications to the cloud and to modernize 32 core systems to further improve client experience while reducing costs.

The 32 core application systems are mission critical business systems and account for 90% IT costs in billions of dollars.

The client and IBM Consulting needed a fast and accurate modernization and migration assessment for rationalizing applications and migrating core systems using cloud native AWS microservices.


The client chose IBM Consulting as their SI partner for modernizing and migrating applications to AWS.

The client selected CAST Highlight to rationalize the application portfolio of 1,300 applications by automatically analyzing the source code of each of the applications for cloud readiness to migrate to AWS, technical debt, and open-source risks.

The client also selected CAST Imaging to accurately discover the architecture, application dependencies, and inner workings of the top 32 core application systems enabling their modernization.


IBM Consulting used Cloud migration insights from CAST Highlight to determine that 240 applications require Rehosting or Replacing when migrating to AWS, helped further rationalize 200 applications by identifying Cloud blockers to be remediated along with effort estimates. CAST Highlight also identified AWS cloud native services to make the Applications Cloud native.

CAST Imaging helped accurately reverse engineer the architecture of nine applications with detailed views of application inner workings. This essential application intelligence is used to modernize the client’s core systems using cloud-based AWS microservices.