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LTIMindtree accelerates software development, cuts knowledge transition time by 20-30%


LTIMindtree is a global technology consulting and digital solutions company with 82,000 employees helping hundreds of clients succeed in accelerating their business transformation.

CAST Imaging enabled LTIMindtree to accelerate project transitions times and speed up delivery of software changes.

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We’ve anchored all our applications onto CAST Imaging.

Nachiket Deshpande


of rework and
coding effort


transition times




LTIMindtree runs Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) for hundreds of global organizations.

It observed that developers can spend up to 60% of their time just trying to understand the insides of their software and needed to cut that.

At the time, LTIMindtree had to transition two large projects where it was taking over maintenance and support from a client. The teams needed to discover, understand, and become knowledgeable about a hundred applications in a short period if time.

Further exacerbating the challenge was the global pandemic. All teams were spread out and working from anywhere. They were unable to get together at the same place to share insights and transfer knowledge.


LTIMindtree piloted CAST Imaging and its structural risk extensions to automate software knowledge extraction and produce accurate architecture maps of the maintained applications.

Then, LTIMindtree integrated CAST into its CANVAS platform, its ADM platform used by its various teams.

Today, LTIMindtree leverages CAST across clients for 250+ custom-built applications, for a total of 75+ million lines of code. Each application relies on multiple layers and technologies, from legacy stacks to cloud environments.

The self-navigation capabilities of CAST Imaging enabled LTIMindtree to accelerate project transitions as well as delivery of software changes.


LTIMindtree were able to measure and observe several benefits.

Using the interactive maps autocreated by CAST Imaging reduced knowledge transition times by 20 to 30%, and even by 50% in one case.

Moreover, having instant knowledge of the application internals helped decrease rework and coding efforts by 30 to 40%.

In addition, identifying beforehand the impact of changes cut down defect density by 20 to 30% as developers were able to become much more precise in their work.

Over time, CAST Imaging became a living knowledgebase of the software inner workings, where developers share knowledge and collaborate when making software changes.