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LTIMindtree wins large application
re-architecture and modernization project


LTIMindtree, an 83,000 employee strong IT services and consulting company, helps organizations accelerate their business transformation.

The company successfully leveraged CAST Imaging to secure a substantial application modernization project for a premier property casualty insurance provider.

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CAST Imaging should be made as a default enablement mechanism for all newcomers

Senior Project Leader


software comprehension time, from 80 to 60 days


in effort for recurring application development and maintenance activities


LTIMindtree was tasked with evaluating and bidding on a significant application project for a leading provider of property casualty insurance for auto, home and business with approximately 30,000 employees.

The team was transitioning a decades old software-intensive insurance asset running on a mainframe ecosystem with a web front-end comprised of 12 million code lines and no comprehensive documentation.

The software was earmarked for cloud-native re-architecture where the target state and roadmap to AWS were expected to reduce maintenance / licensing costs.


To differentiate themselves, LTIMindtree leveraged CAST Imaging as an automated discovery technology for complete understanding of the codebase, including the database schema and generated Cobol.

The LTIMindtree team took detailed inventories of as-is architecture, objects and their size and relationships, complexity metrics per transactional flow and data call graphs, and dependencies with other modules.

The LTIMindtree validated information discovered and could identify external dependencies, for example the messaging queue interactions.


CAST Imaging helped LTIMindtree to complete the evaluation ahead of time, in 60 days instead of 80.

The team was able to present precise scope, roadmap, and effort estimates, and won the transformation deal, leaving out the competition.

CAST Imaging is now used for impact analysis, in sprint planning, defect resolution, and in supported estimates and roadmap proposals.

CAST Imaging’s documentation feature is now conceived as a living knowledge base to accelerate self-training.

In addition, LTIMindtree were able to save 10% of effort for ongoing maintenance of the application.