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Green Software Insights. Automated.

85% of the carbon emissions generated by running enterprise software systems can be impacted by application design & development.1


Why green software matters?

% of global greenhouse gas emissions
Green Software Foundation Report, 2022
As data center emissions continue to soar, green software development is emerging as the next logical step for enterprises globally to make their technology more sustainable and meet emerging regulatory requirements.
Building green software delivers additional benefits including:
  • Lower cost
  • Better performance
  • Higher resilience
Overwhelming complexity makes it hard to see what software changes are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate continuous improvement.

Now, there is a way to automatically analyze software source code for green impact…


How do you make your software greener?


Finding and remediating green deficiencies, source code patterns that drive excessive use of resources, helps organizations reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by their custom-built applications.

For example, an application using SQL queries inside a loop consumes more CPU cycles (energy) than one where the loop logic is coded inside the query.

CAST technology automatically extracts this type of intelligence from the source code and suggests how to make it more sustainable.

Automatically Segment App Portfolios for Cloud Migration. IN SECONDS.

CAST automatically understands your source code and provides first-of-a-kind green software insights as well as sustainability recommendations.


How it works – a simple 3-step process


Step 1 – Point CAST Highlight at your code repositories for automatic scan and rapid analysis

CAST Highlight automatically scan and rapid analysis

Step 2 – Encrypted findings are uploaded to secure cloud (27001-certified) and no code leaves the premises

Encrypted statistical results

Step 3 – Instantly view the insights via intuitive dashboards or push them (via APIs) into your control system

Instantly view the insights via intuitive dashboards

What green software insights are available?


Green Impact Score

Automatically derived scores at both portfolio and application levels, with trends over time

Green Deficiency Patterns

Green Deficienies

Patterns found in the source code that contribute to excess use of resources / energy, with suggested remediation and effort estimates


Automated Recommendations

Prioritized actions across all applications, including quick wins and actions with the biggest impact

Learn more about Green Impact calculations
1Accenture, 2Green Software Foundation

Make your software greener:

  • Become more sustainable while supporting emerging regulatory requirements
  • Improve organizational reputation and brand with employees and clients
  • Optimize software cost, performance, and resiliency
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