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Ongoing reduction of maintenance costs & technical debt

Optimize custom software costs and reduce production outage risk. Based on facts.

Organizations now have 100x more software than just 10 years ago

Arstechnica and Dimensional Research

Control Tower

CIOs, CTOs, software leaders feel overwhelmed by complexity, limited visibility, lack of facts. There is no single integrated view of their application portfolio.

How do you govern the chaos of your sprawling portfolio?

  • What are the best opportunities to reduce costs?
  • Where can I shift maintenance resources to optimize costs?
  • How can I remove the most technical debt with the least effort?
  • Where can I rationalize redundant business systems?
  • Which critical applications are most likely to cause me production headaches?
  • How can I make my software more efficient and consume less energy?

As portfolios grow to hundreds or thousands of applications, these questions become virtually impossible to answer with speed, confidence, and accuracy

CAST Highlight ‘understands’ application source code and automatically produces fact-based, technical insights across the entire portfolio

Automated Control Tower - operates across all applications enabling leaders to govern and make decisions based on facts – not opinions or the loudest voices

With CAST Highlight you can:

Lower maintenance costs

Automatically identify applications that have too many maintenance resources assigned so they can be shifted to other projects. Recommendations are based on the COCOMO II industry standard model for calculating ideal number of maintenance resources.

Optimize resource allocation & performance

Discover where there are too few or too many maintenance resources assigned to applications so they can be reallocated to optimal levels. Also identify opportunities for team skill development or turnover reduction.

Reduce technical debt

Automatically identify the best opportunities to reduce technical debt across all applications. Isolate priority actions based on criticality and technology. Then instantly drilldown to the root cause of technical debt within application code to prioritize remediation actions based on facts.

Rationalize application redundancies

Identify redundant applications, frameworks, and components across a portfolio that provide similar functions to the business. Then make more informed decisions on how best to consolidate them or drive adoption of preferred proprietary components based on facts such as Resiliency, Agility, and Business Impact.

Avoid production outages

Automatically identify business critical applications that have low Resiliency representing likely short term production issues. Instantly drilldown to understand the code level insights driving these issues and develop a prioritized remediation plan with technical recommendations.

Identify overly expensive systems

Determine which systems are becoming exceedingly expensive to maintain and operate. These overly complex and less agile applications represent likely future production headaches. Instantly drilldown to understand the code level issues and develop a prioritized remediation plan to optimize them before they fail.

Increase application efficiency to reduce waste

Automatically identify the best opportunities to improve application efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Instantly drilldown to understand the code level patterns that cause an application to use excess resources unnecessarily with suggested remediation steps and estimated effort.

How it works – a simple 3-step process

Source code is read automatically from repositories with predefined frequency.
CAST Highlight Step 1

Step 1

Encrypted intelligence is uploaded to secure cloud (27001-certified). No code leaves premises.
CAST Highlight Step 2

Step 2

Instant visibility via customizable dashboards, drilldowns, recommendations. API-based data integration.
CAST Highlight Step 3

Step 3

See for yourself

Application Portfolio Governance Scorecard
Sample Report

Download the report

What our clients experienced

Norsk Titanium
We were able to get the product up and running in no time.

Tim Dufrane
IT Operations Manager
Norsk Titanium

Wells Fargo
We would have been flying blind without CAST software intelligence.

Subhadaa Reddimasi
Head of Modernization & Cloud Adoption
Wells Fargo

With CAST, we can be both responsive and proactive, and govern effectively our existing and under development applications.

Anna Sappa
Head of Platforms