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CGI saves 20 person-days of labor monthly with CAST Highlight


CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world providing services across 21 industries in 400 locations worldwide.

CAST Highlight enabled CGI to save 20 person-days of effort every month by automating application analysis.

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CAST’s leading-edge technology enables us to improve the stability, performance, and security of our applications and helps us provide a seamless digital experience to our clients in fast-changing markets.

George Mattackal
Asia Pacific Global Delivery President

20 person- days

of labor saved monthly


Along with its services, CGI offers 500+ business applications, spanning over 3.5 billion lines of code based on a diverse set of technologies. Their portfolio leverages numerous open-source components, enabling CGI to innovate faster for clients. But this introduces security and licensing risks and the need to manage obsolescence.

Manually analyzing all applications took dozens of person-days monthly and was prone to inaccuracies, creating significant security and legal risks for the organization. They needed an automated way to analyze their portfolio and manage open source risk.


CAST Highlight was selected for use across CGI. By using the product’s APIs, CGI rapidly integrated their application catalog as maintained in Jira into CAST Highlight, dramatically speeding up the onboarding process.

CGI also leveraged CAST’s unique capability to augment source code analysis with qualitative information for each application for more informed decision making.

With CAST Highlight, CGI transitioned to an automated process for regularly analyzing the software composition of their vast application portfolio to manage open source risks.


This new automated approach resulted in 20 person-days of effort saved monthly compared to the manual approach they were using previously.

CGI can now identify potential security risks that were not possible before, including those hidden due to transitive dependencies between open-source components.

CGI has been able to improve its ROI in CAST Highlight by leveraging additional software intelligence unique to the product such as Software Health for application portfolio rationalization and Cloud Readiness for accelerated cloud migration planning.