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Wells Fargo modernizes thousands of applications faster with software intelligence

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a US-based global financial institution with offices in over 35 countries, over 260,000 employees, and almost $2 trillion in assets.

CAST Highlight enabled the Head of Modernization & Cloud Adoption to automate the cloud migration and modernization planning process saving months of time.

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Wells Fargo

We would have been flying blind without CAST software intelligence.

Subhadaa Reddimasi

Subhadaa Reddimasi
Head of Modernization & Cloud Adoption

4,500+ applications

automatically analyzed for cloud migration planning

Weeks vs months

to build a migration plan automatically instead of doing it manually


Wells Fargo’s Head of Modernization & Cloud Adoption needed to modernize a diverse and massive portfolio of 4,500+ applications comprised of hundreds of millions of lines of code. Some legacy applications had not been changed in 10+ years.

With such an enormous and complex codebase, it was extremely challenging for the team to understand each application’s condition, plan for cloud migration, and identify the best path for each system with confidence. They needed a scalable and objective way to identify which applications to Retain, Retire, Rehost, Repurchase, Replatform, or Refactor without relying solely on opinions from application owners.


Wells Fargo selected CAST Highlight to speed up the planning process, ensure accuracy, and build a roadmap for each application based on the actual technical characteristics of the software.

CAST Highlight automatically read the source code of each application to understand cloud maturity, technical debt, and open source risks. Then, Wells Fargo incorporated contextual data using the built-in survey capability and tailor it to their methodology. For applications that were going to migrate to the cloud, they were able to automatically identify the specific blockers in the code that needed to be removed before migration and get the estimated effort that would be required.


Wells Fargo analyzed the entire portfolio of 4,500+ applications automatically by integrating CAST Highlight with their source code repositories across the enterprise. The planning process was completed in weeks versus the months or years it would have taken manually.

Wells Fargo utilized the built-in Portfolio Advisor for Cloud that automatically segments each application into categories such as Rehost, Retire, Refactor, etc. to build a detailed roadmap for the entire portfolio. They integrated the list of cloud migration blockers into their development tools automatically using the CAST Highlight API enabling developers to take faster action.