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Global media firm cuts cloud migration planning time in half with CAST Highlight

Media Firm

The client is a global media and entertainment company operating hundreds of properties across TV, film, theme parks, and streaming video.

CAST Highlight enabled the firm to conduct cloud migration assessment up to five times faster with automated software intelligence.

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Media Firm

Even larger benefits are expected for applications that are not familiar to the team and would take even longer to process internally.

SI Practice Lead

2x – 5x

faster application

50% less

average application
assessment time

5x faster

assessment time on
unfamiliar applications


A global media company needed to move a portfolio of 600+ apps to the cloud while optimizing costs and driving business agility. The portfolio was built on a diverse technology stack including Java, .NET, JavaScript, SQL Server, Oracle, and more, along with numerous open-source frameworks that contained inherent security vulnerabilities.

Due to the size and complexity of the portfolio, the client did not know where to start on their journey to cloud. Their SI had to build a migration plan and rapidly assess the cloud readiness of their apps, develop accurate estimates on the required effort, and implement a continuous migration assessment program for the entire portfolio.


The client’s technical architect team chose CAST Highlight in collaboration with their SI partner.

They rapidly assessed the cloud readiness of dozens of apps using CAST Highlight and compared the time associated with CAST Highlight’s automated approach to their previous manual assessment of each app for technical readiness.

The assessment included identifying blockers to cloud migration and building an accurate software bill of materials of all open-source components along with associated security vulnerabilities/intellectual property risks that had to be addressed before moving to the cloud.


With well-understood apps, average app assessment time was cut in half when using the CAST Highlight's automation versus manual code reviews.

They progressed to less familiar apps and the time savings become even more significant: up to 5 times faster with CAST. It also identified nearly 50% of the applications that were good refactoring candidates for PaaS, enabling adoption of a cloud-native approach sooner than expected, even further reducing cloud consumption costs.

Ultimately, the architect team was able to focus their efforts on high-value infrastructure and integration initiatives instead of manual code and framework reviews.