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Generali Thailand improves application development and maintenance costs by 12%

Generali Thailand

Generali Thailand, part of one of the world’s largest insurance groups, provides a comprehensive range of products and services for individuals and corporate clients.

Generali deployed CAST Imaging and its Structural Risk Extension to achieve faster and smoother release cycles, improve technical knowledge sharing, and enable fact-based dialogs between with its ADM partners.

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Generali Thailand

CAST came out as a far better solution. We’ve gained total peace of mind.

Hyun Sook Ji
CIO Generali Thailand


in application
development and
maintenance cost




rework and
coding effort


Generali is quickly expanding its customer base in Thailand by offering comprehensive insurance solutions. This growth depends on the rapid evolution of its core applications, which consist of millions of lines of code and are developed both in-house and by its Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) partners.

As multiple teams operate at a fast pace, it has become increasingly challenging to share technical knowledge about the applications and their current condition.

Given the extended team of ADM partners, maintaining trust in the efficiency, resiliency, and safety of the software they deliver is of paramount importance.


In 2022, Generali Thailand's CIO, Hyun Sook Ji, aimed to accelerate the transformation process and improve the IT systems. As a part of the transformation strategy, she considered the use of software intelligence, with CAST technology being a key component.

CAST technology enabled automatic collection of insights into the condition and inner workings of their custom-built applications.

For certain large, customer-facing applications, such as the Customer Engagement Platform, Generali Thailand deployed CAST Imaging and its Structural Risk Extension, also known as Dashboards, as part of their development process. The goal was to achieve faster and smoother release cycles.


Generali Thailand can now identify and mitigate potential issues before they affect end-users, leading to quicker software response times and better user experience.

This proactive approach resulted in significant cost savings of 20-25% less rework and coding required for maintenance and support.

CAST Imaging helped fill knowledge gaps, boost ADM productivity, and reduce knowledge transition times by 15-20%.

Finally, the use of CAST technology enabled fact-based dialogs between Generali Thailand and ADM partners where development teams now collaboratively adhere to industry standards and consistently achieve high quality of deliverables.