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Microsoft speeds up refactoring of Schneider Electric’s major applications with CAST Highlight


Schneider Electric, headquartered in France, is a world leader in energy management and automation solutions.

CAST Highlight enabled Schneider Electric to save months of manual discovery work and allowed them to approach the migration confidently.

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Months saved

in manual discovery work


Schneider Electric’s ETAP division offers market-leading software solutions for electrical systems, encompassing design and engineering, as well as operations and maintenance.

This includes 'Switchboard Engine', a suite of tools designed to digitize mounting and mechanical rules and services for paneling intelligence, alongside '3D', which provides 3D visuals and services for generating ecommerce assets and designing dynamic, real-time, interactive 3D maps.

While the ETAP division was considering the possibility of migrating these two platforms to the cloud to leverage its power, there were hesitations about the feasibility of such a move.


Microsoft harnessed CAST Highlight to conduct a thorough automated analysis of the cloud maturity of the 22 components comprising the 3D and Switchboard Engine platforms, which were developed over time using a variety of technologies.

This comprehensive evaluation included segmentation of the applications according to the Gartner 5R model, providing detailed insights into component complexity, cloud maturity, potential cloud blockers, and necessary remediation efforts.

Additionally, it offered an assessment of the efforts and costs associated with cloud migration, ensuring a wellinformed strategy for transitioning to a cloud-based framework.


The automated analysis generated by CAST enabled the client to identify which components needed to be refactored for migration to Microsoft Azure, the blockers that must be removed, and the effort required for these tasks.

This early identification of issues saved the client months of manual discovery work and allowed them to approach the migration with confidence. Additionally, CAST Highlight provided valuable insights into the risks associated with open-source components embedded in the applications and offered strategies for remediation.

Lastly, the client utilized CAST Highlight’s Green Software Insights to identify opportunities for creating greener applications, aligning with their path towards sustainable development.