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Telefónica accelerates modernization of complex applications on Microsoft Azure


Telefónica is the 7th largest telecommunications company worldwide with operating businesses in 20 countries across Europe and Latin America.

CAST Highlight enabled the IT Transformation team to automate the cloud migration and modernization planning process for their complex business applications and speed up the move to Microsoft Azure.

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Automating the application discovery process with CAST Highlight allowed us to save months of effort.

IT Transformation Manager

100 applications

with high complexity
automatically analyzed

Months saved

during the cloud migration and modernization planning phase


CAST’s solution and services are an accelerator for the go-to-cloud process for Azure.

Telefónica Account Manager


Telefónica leadership set a goal of having 80% of its workloads running in public cloud on Microsoft Azure in 2025. However, these nearly 100 complex applications were comprised of a complex mix of legacy and modern technologies.

Management lacked visibility and consistent information about the applications preventing informed decision-making. Previous attempts used subjective methods resulting in stalled and unsuccessful initiatives.

Telefónica’s IT Transformation Manager needed a way to accurately develop a detailed cloud migration and modernization roadmap based on facts for the entire portfolio.


Telefónica selected CAST Highlight to automatically understand the application codebase of their critical business systems and produce software intelligence based on facts.

The IT Transformation Manager worked with Microsoft and CAST to understand the cloud readiness of each application, migration and modernization blockers that needed to be removed, and estimated effort required to modernize each application for the cloud.

The intelligence generated by CAST Highlight enabled Telefónica to build a detailed roadmap to cloud native with a defined path for each application such as which applications should be Refactored or Rearchitected.


By automating the planning process with CAST Highlight, Telefónica saved months of effort. Management had the visibility and confidence necessary to proceed with their migration to Microsoft Azure and plan for modernization of almost 100 critical applications.

These insights enabled them to accurately understand the complexity, effort, and cost of the initiative. Furthermore, by getting these applications to the cloud sooner, Telefónica was able to realize the additional benefits of greater agility and time to market for software enhancements while reducing operational costs.