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Automating Technology Due Diligence for M&A

Lowering M&A risks and accelerating value creation

Why leverage CAST Powered by CAST


The software landscape of acquisition targets is a black box for the investor. Guesswork or interview-based due diligence of critical software assets is simply no longer an option. Automatically generated intelligence from CAST Highlight and CAST MRI for Software helps lower the risks and maximize the return on investment.

Value & Risk Assessment.
In a matter of days.


Immediate view of the entire software product / application portfolio, including:

  • Open source related legal & IP risks
  • Cloud readiness status
  • Hidden risks. Technical Debt. Required actions
  • Cost savings opportunities on maintenance and Infrastructure / CPU / MIPS

Fact-Based Tech Due Diligence - Sample Report

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Deep dive into specific, mission critical, software systems

  • Accurate view of structural resiliency, security, efficiency, transferability (per ISO 5055)
  • Insight into potential architectural flaws and suggested remediation
  • Refactoring strategy and preliminary financial estimates for move to Cloud

Fact-based Technical Due Diligence - Demo

Fact-based Technical Due Diligence

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Value Creation


Software intelligence from CAST Highlight and the CAST MRI for Software enables:

  • Faster and safer modernization of software underpinning critical business processes
  • Faster and safer migration / refactoring for Cloud
  • Tech knowledge transfer 2x faster and cheaper for sourcing model optimization
  • Faster, safer, easier integration of software assets into keystone platform company
  • Fact-based application portfolio rationalization
  • Raising the structural quality of the software

Faster & Safer Cloud Migration / Modernization

Faster & Safer Cloud Migration / Modernization

Watch the Demo

"CAST delivers high quality results that are simple, seamless, and smooth."

Erik Oltmans

What Our Clients Experienced


"CAST complements our offerings with hard facts and metrics."

Benjamin Rehberg
Partner & Managing Director


"We worked with CAST and blew our client’s mind. Within a month we were able to deliver tangible insights."

Vishy Padmanabhan

Vishy Padmanabhan

"CAST shines a bright light into the dark corners of software."

Waheed Mahmoud
Executive Partner